Saturday, April 28, 2007


Otherwise dogs would have starved to death while they decided as a group what to do next...

"I say, comrades, shall we have another sub-committee vote about whether we should hunt now or perhaps later...perhaps tonight? What do you chaps all think...?"

In the dog world, no-one is equal.
It's the most important thing you have to know about dogs if you're ever going to understand how they think or communicate. This is because our domesticated pet dog has still retained its ancestors wild instincts.

No matter how much luxury we surround our dogs with, no matter how much we treat them like cute little humans in funny, furry suits - all dogs are at heart a pack-forming predator.

"My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granny was a cousin to a wolf, you know."

For a hunting pack to work efficiently, Mother Nature designed dogs with an in-built ladder of domination inside their mind. I call this their pack ladder.

What does it do? Your dog immediately arranges everyone in your household pack onto a separate rung of this mental pack ladder. Whoever your dog sees as the most dominant goes on the top rung. The most submissive pack member goes on the bottom rung.

You can never change this way of thinking in your dog. They are unable to understand democracy. It's just the way their brain is permanently wired.

The good news is that we can use that instinctive pack ladder inside our dog's brain to our human advantage. This is the smart way to train your dog - it's not rocket science - just start thinking like a dog!Keep visiting this blog to learn how.

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(It was written in pre-dreadlock days and has become an Australian best-seller.)


ruby said...

Hi Martin,
I have a couple of dogs I really need help with. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with them.
I've been trying to get in contact with you since I first read your book a few years ago (I'm now reading it for the 3rd time). Do you have an email address or phone number I can contact you on?
Hope you can help me,

The Dreadlock Dog Man said...

Martin, The Dreadlock Dog Man here.
Sorry - but I lost the password to this blog - and so let it slide.
great news!
I have a new book being published called "WHAT'S YOUR DOG TELLING YOU?" and it's being released 1st sept, 2011.
You can order it on-line from HarperCollins Australia and it will be delivered anywhere in the world.
This ground-breaking book was the result of some Youtube footage I took. See me action communicating with dogs on Youtube at: the dreadlock dog man.
You can find me on Facebook as well for free tips and make contact at:
Thanks so much for your support!

The Dreadlock Dog Man said...

Sorry, everyone. Martin, The Dreadlock Dog Man here. I haven't visited this site for so long! I'm now on facebook at:

I also have free info sheets with cartoon sheets I can email to you if you private message me on Facebook!